Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The tour of Renzi in Milan: from the ” San Raffaele “Human Technopole” – Corriere della Sera

Matteo Renzi for the third time in Milan in two weeks. The first leg at the San Raffaele for the visit to the hospital, shortly before 10. To welcome the president of the Council of ministers to Nicola Bedin, dr Gilda Gastaldi (wife of businessman Giuseppe Rotelli, who purchased the hospital in 2012), the chairman, Gabriele of the Building, and the prefect Alessandro Marangoni. Walking towards the structure, Bedin and Rotelli told of the activity of the hospital: “people Come from all over the world to get care here, we have a target in the world, and the employees, about 6000, are increased by 300 people from when we started the renovation — explain—. It is the great vision which began with don Luigi Verzè to gather in the same place research and the clinic”.

The hospital founded by don Luigi VerzĂ© is the same in which the ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi was operated on at the heart on the 14th June. After the meeting, via Olgettina, the premier will go to the Triennale for an event dedicated to the 110 years of Salini Impregilo and at 11.30 am will be at the Teatro Piccolo Grassi for the start of the project “Human Technopole” in the former Expo area. By taking the word after to the San Raffaele (“By 2011 the public funds to Health have declined, but if the cuts must be at least are selective and do not affect the excellent facilities such as the San Raffaele”), Renzi makes a promise: “You finished the time of the cuts in Health care, we cut too much, the linear cuts are harmful. Instead, we need to work on the costs of hospital standards, and managed in a different way”. The premier, in his tour to the hospital, says he saw the excellence in the normality of the stories of care and disease. “As a Country we have so many flaws that we are trying to solve — noted Renzi . But we have a health sector that is among the strongest in the world, and we tend not to see it. Also from facilities like this, we take the momentum that should lead us to dream big. If Italy does not buy the knowledge of his excellence in Health care and do not play all in the research and the humanity of care, will play in serie B, when instead it may well aim to be an international leader”. Renzi closed his brief greeting with another promise: “Here at the San Raffaele is to build the new polo surgery, a new building, and I for the laying of the first stone I’ll be there”. Shortly after 11, the premier takes the car to go in three years.

September 27, 2016 | 10:19