Saturday, August 27, 2016

records transplant in Turin, artificial heart saves lives Bimba with a single ventricle – Contattolab

From 2002 to 2015 were carried out in Italy in 2089 for organ transplants in children, 312 of heart, 37 of which at the Pediatric Heart Surgery at the Regina Margherita.

The average waiting time on the list was 7 months and currently 69 of them are still waiting for a heart. Last year died before transplantation 76 of 1059 patients, adults and children, who were on a waiting list for a heart transplant. In 2015 donors in Italy were 1388, 22.7 per million inhabitants. Organ donation is a gesture of love, a sign of civilization, a duty, because it is the only way to save the lives of those who have no other possibilities

Italy has always been a country of thousand faces. Mocked rightly or wrongly in the rest of the world for some attitudes undoubtedly anomali.Una political management at times embarrassing, and no matter the ideological color. A historical and cultural heritage increasingly humiliated, in fact we Italians when it comes to self-destruct we are always at the forefront. However there are areas which over the years have held high the name of the beautiful country, researchers and physicians . The first with so many difficulties are among the most prepared in the world, through which were discovered true science pearls. The Italian medicine represents the pride of the country, with brilliant doctors with extraordinary abilities. Over the years the Italian medicine has grown so much that comparing with 15 years ago sounds like science fiction. Transplantation of a bionic heart, for the first time was performed by our own doctors. Again, reverse the brain capacity that again gave the word to a young Italian is about, in short, it goes on for hours.

Masterpiece all Italian

Today comes yet another masterpiece, thanks to an exceptional surgery carried out by a medical team of ‘ Queen Margherita Hospital in Turin . A delicate operation has saved the life of a child of six years suffering from a rare heart condition, at which a new heart has been implanted.

Torino, unprecedented saving therapy the  girl with the heart in half & # xE0;
The sweet little girl will have a regular life

The child from birth had a malformation very severe heart, the single ventricle, with all the negative consequences. The entire therapeutic procedure carried out by small consisted of three surgical operations: the first almost at birth, an age of 6 months and the last 4 years. The first three interventions, however, have not had the right conditions for the recovery, the heart could not function properly, and heart failure was on the agenda. For these reasons, in October the child has been included in the list of ‘waiting to undergo a heart transplant. During one of the hospitalizations occurred a severe cardiac arrest and doctors implanted a pump system that temporarily replace the heart to keep her alive.

Artificial Heart, innovative strategy.

Clearly the installed device can assist patients for up to three weeks, ultimately pending task. The main problem was that the heart of the little girl had a complex anatomy, which made it difficult even the simplest maneuvers.

So, to save the life of the small is a technique ever been used before attempted in the world , it consists of several intermediate steps that required two weeks to gradually replace the “cars assisted” with the artificial heart. In this way, the heart is able to adapt to the new plant, which has been successfully performed in March. critical step, considering that has ensured the survival of the child until the actual heart transplant, performed successfully in mid-July. The child was discharged on August 18 and will be followed as outpatients.

Yet another failed romance with a happy ending thanks to the immense preparation of Italian doctors, there are thousands of lives saved every year by the silent heroes and why we can only be proud of.