Friday, December 2, 2016

Aids in decreasing the infection in 2016 only 14 cases, but the challenge is not won – Il Tirreno

LUCCA. Fourteen new cases by Hiv infection, two of which are notified as Aids, arrived in 2016, the complex nature of infectious Diseases and hepatology of the hospital of St. Luke and diagnosed throughout the province. This is the data collected by the Asl of Tuscany North-west – on the occasion of the world day for the fight against Aids – which shows a decrease of about 30% in the incidence of new cases of infection compared to 2013 and 2014, with a net prevalence of male sex (80%). “100% of these patients were infected by sexual intercourse promiscuous, and 40% of their contacts homosexual,” says dr. Michele De Gennaro, physician to the complex structure of infectious Diseases and hepato logy of the San Luca.

the average age of The new infected is 44 years for males and 35% of these subjects coming from non-eu countries. In 40% of patients, the disease presented in advanced form. “It is too early – said De Gennaro – affirm that the reduction of new infections may represent a real slowdown in the spread of the disease in the local area, because 2016 is not yet finished. Unchanged remain, however, elements related to delay of diagnosis and lack of risk perception: factors that reduce the possibility of adequate care”.

In close collaboration with the department of infectious Diseases of Lucca and other tuscan cities, working on the Ceis that, in the family home “Bishop Agresti”, welcomes people affected by Hiv/Aids. “In 2016 have been hosted 19 people, eight of them as new inputs, to an average age of 57 years,” explains the manager, Clear Bertolozzi – we get a subject stabilized from the point of view of the physician, who for various reasons cannot live in a family”.

in order To spread the culture of prevention, is born the project-contest “Match-Multimedialucca for the fight against Aids”, aimed at high school students and sponsored by: public health agency of Tuscany North-West, DiTestaMia-Health Promoting Guys, Ec.The.S. group of Young people and the Community, Cesdop, diego rivera, the Municipalities of Lucca and Capannori, Province of Lucca, the top of their Voices-The voices of young people and Anlaids, with media partners The Tyrrhenian sea, The Nation, NoiTv, The Screen.

“this is An initiative to the fourth edition – said the provincial councilor, Grace Sinagra – to bring the kids to this social theme. A project of network education and prevention, also to say “no” to prejudice towards those who are sick”. Four of the schools involved (the Isi Pertini and the Isi Passaglia ” of Lucca, the Isi of Barga and the Isi Marconi, Viareggio, for a total of 120 children), a path of knowledge and research, between meetings of the training and the production of articles, commercials and cartoons. “Through these young people, it is important to reach the whole community,” says Maria Vittoria Sturaro, in the sector Promotion of the health of the healthcare in the North-West. “An important initiative” adds Emmanuel Popes of DiTestaMia – As an association, it is our commitment

educating the kids to a more healthy life”.

“A project for the schools, but also to raise awareness among public opinion as a whole – concludes the councillor Ilaria Vietina - because the messages that young people can invent and formulate with their creativity, they are very effective.”